Forms of Treatment

There are a variety of concussion treatment options available varying from behavioural therapies to biofeedback training. Treatment plans are individualized depending on qEEG results. Some examples are outlined below.


Initial Treatment

An initial period of minimal physical and mental exertion is highly recommended. Cognitive rest is an equally important consideration as physical rest; for example, adequate sleep, abstaining from visually stimulating activities such as computerized technologies, and refraining from physical exertion. One should monitor for worsening symptoms (e.g. increased headaches, mental fog, etc.). Return to play, work, or school should be gradual, depending on what can be mentally/physically tolerated.


EEG Neurotherapy

EEG Neurotherapy/Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback where surface electrodes are placed on the scalp to measure and provide information at specific sites in the brain. The microscopic electrical signals stimulate blood flow and biochemical changes to help the brain heal itself through cell growth and new connections. When used in conjunction with other forms of behavioural therapy, the healing process is optimized using objective technologies, such as qEEG.

More services to come