Mechanism of Injury

A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI), also known as a concussion, can occur any time the brain impacts upon the skull. The nature of impact is determined by a variety of external forces such as blows to the head, sudden stops, bouncing up and down or repeated impact. There are several ways for a concussion to occur; below are common causes.

Flexion/Extension Force

Brain hits the front and back of the skull

Rotational Flexion/Extension Force 

Brain hits the front and back with additional rotational forces, injuring other areas 


Constant, small up and down movements cause micro tears in brain matter

Slip and Fall 

Impacting the tailbone can send a force up the spine hard enough to concuss the top of the brain


Injuries in the neck due to whiplash can contribute to concussion pain

comorbid factors

Having multiple independent issues at the same time